Envisioning a Community


Envisioning a Community

When we think about the arts, arts education and society – which role do communities play now and in the future you want to live in?

This class can be conducted either on your own or with others (eg. your friends, colleagues, and students)

Step One

What is a Community?

A community is “a unified body of individuals”, as defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. They can be unified by various factors such as living in the same neighbourhood, sharing an interest, having a common history, or sharing common characteristics.

For example, an institute of higher art education is a community connecting its members to a common educational goal or mutual workspace.

What Means Community to You?

Define what you consider to be a community.

Is it local or global? What factors unify its members?

What are examples of communities you belong to?

Step Two

Collecting Knowledge and Getting Inspired

Now it’s time to collect some knowledge
and inspiration on the topic of

Read the FAST45 scrolly telling narrative
on the topic of “Art Schools and
Their Local Communities” and watch the
associated short film HERE.

Step Three


Conduct a thought experiment where you envision a community that best aligns with your ideals. Use these questions to guide your thought process. You can collect your thoughts in the form that feels most comfortable to you eg. a written text, mind-map, voice memo, or video.

Where is this community located? (This doesn’t have to be a physical space or realistic, may also be digital)

How large is this community?

What are the aspects that connect its members? (eg. beliefs, goals, location, professional interests, socio-political interests, characteristics, shared history)

What exchanges are there between the community members? How would these exchanges be structured? (eg. material goods, monetary, emotional, communication, knowledge exchange)

What are the components necessary for the community to thrive? (eg. shared activities, support systems – internal or external, mental and or physical health, stability/security)

How would the community sustain itself? Would it be reliant on external infrastructure?

How does belonging to this community benefit its members in their well-being?

What would your engagement in the community look like?