FAST45 is a pan-European research project which aims to create and test new methodologies, envisage future scenarios, establish long-term international collaboration and develop tools and initiatives which will empower arts institutions not only to anticipate an unknown future but to actively shape it.

Year Long Project


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  • In 2045 the world as we know it will look very different. Although we cannot predict the future, we can shape it. FAST45 (Futures Art School Trends 2045) recognises the potential of the creativity and imaginative thinking nurtured and developed at art schools. Together with the drive for innovation in society at large, this has inspired key players from higher arts education and business to join forces. The aim is to imagine and promote a future in which the arts and arts education play an integral role in a world radically reshaped by the 4th industrial revolution, globalisation and climate change.

  • Objectives

    A new approach for art and industry

    Explore and inventory already existing ideas and visions of possible futures for higher arts education (HAE) and the employment of artists.


    Organise Art School Futures Labs that enhance future thinking and imagine alternative futures inside and outside HAE.


    Deliver alternative Art School Futures Scenarios that highlight the dissimilarities from the present and reveal the potential choices.


    FAST 45 – Learning Platform