FAST45 is a pan-European Erasmus+ project that aims to create and test new methodologies, envisage future scenarios, establish long-term international collaboration, and develop tools and initiatives that will empower arts institutions not only to anticipate an unknown future but to actively shape it.

Year Long Project


Online Events


Institute Partners



A new approach for art and industry

Explore and inventory already existing ideas and visions of possible futures for higher arts education (HAE) and the employment of artists.


Organise Art School Futures Labs that enhance future thinking and imagine alternative futures inside and outside HAE.


Deliver alternative Art School Futures Scenarios that highlight the dissimilarities from the present and reveal the potential choices.




The future of higher arts education. Shaping a trajectory

The FAST45 knowledge alliance developed a discussion document, presenting four future scenarios and two sets of guidances. Its primary objective is stimulating dialogue, instigating action, and driving information. The primary audience for this document is policymakers navigating the intricate institutional and political landscapes at the local, regional, national, and European levels.

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Data Map

Arts School Futures Data Map

For the data map, the FAST45 knowledge alliance has conducted over 50 interviews with various stakeholders from different areas all over Europe and beyond.

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Summer School

Footnotes Summer School

Footnotes is a Summer School that imagines, rethinks and shapes the futures of arts education.

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Art School Futures Lab

The Art School Futures Lab is a set of high-level workshops, presentations and facilitated discussions in which students, teaching staff, researchers, heads of programs, heads of departments or institutes, business people and other external stakeholders of IHAE co-create ideas and visions for futures images and scenarios for the education and employment of artists.

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FAST45 Dialogue

The FAST45 Learning Platform supports the public presentation of live research activities by members of the FAST45 research consortium. Over a two year period, interviews, workshops and lectures were delivered, archived and accessed through the platform.


About Future art school trends 2045

Get a more in-depth understanding about us, what we want to create, how we are engaging the community and our goals

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