Art School Futures Data Map

Data Map

Arts School Futures Data Map

For the data map, the FAST45 knowledge alliance has conducted over 50 interviews with various stakeholders from different areas all over Europe and beyond. We talked with these stakeholders about the impactful roles of artists, art, and creative work in their field of expertise, current challenges and drivers, and the most prominent trends and developments. We also discussed their utopias and dystopias for our world in 25 years.

We analyzed the in-depth data using qualitative coding methods. For a systematic overview, we divided the broad field into realms of technology, arts educational practices, economy, sustainability, Institutes of Higher Arts Education, society, and politics. It is important to notice that these realms in real life and analysis are not clearly distinguishable but mutually influence and overlap with each other. The labelled data enabled us to identify and analyze current practices, challenges, problems, and concrete future trends and plans in each field. We furthermore contextualized the interview data with state-of-the-art resources relevant to futures thinking.

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Narratives & Videos

If we want to start shaping the future of the arts and arts education we need to know where we are at. What are (future-)relevant topics in arts education today? With the following scrolly-telling stories and videos we are summarizing the FAST45 data into meaningful, attractive, and easily accessible presentations. Start exploring and dive into the topics of...

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The content presented does not cover all aspects of future relevant topics and topics that appear in the rich data we collected in the FAST45 project.