Summer School – FOOTNOTES 2045: Annotating the Futures of Arts Education

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Summer School

FOOTNOTES 2045: Annotating the Futures of Arts Education


Footnotes is a Summer School that imagines, rethinks and shapes the futures of arts education.

Footnotes’ most recent 5-day event gathered academics, (art) professionals, students and curious people who jointly worked around seven focus topics surrounding higher arts educational futures:

The Footnotes Summer School was organised by School of Commons, Zürich University of the Arts (ZHdK) and took place from 29 August to 1 September 2022, on the ZHdK campus. The Summer School was part of the FAST45 project (Futures Art School Trends 2045).

Throughout Footnotes Summer School, FAST45 explored Live Action Role-Play (LARP) as a method for futures thinking with the support of LARP artists Carina Erdmann and Steph Holl-Trieu (0ct0p0s). Following the Live Action Role-Play method, all participants assumed fictional characters for the duration of the summer school and agreed on meeting in the (imagined) year of 2045. All lectures and panel discussions were moderated in live-action role-play character by interdisciplinary artist Monika G. Dorniak. While the basic future scenario of the Footnotes gathering in the year 2045 was set, to a certain extent, by a group of selected organisers and artists, a main element of the workshops and lectures was to develop more detailed future realities of arts education in 2045, together. This process was strongly supported by role-play, which helped to interpret, embody and shape future realities. It was strongly emphasised that for participation in the Summer School, no prior experience in Live Action Role-Play was required.

Why "Footnotes"?

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What is Live Action Role-Play (LARP)?

... and how can it be used as a method for futures thinking? Learn more!

Footnotes Backstory

Dive into the scene set for future realties explored during the Footnotes Summer School.

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Lectures, Inputs, Discussions

Dive into the Footnotes lectures and cross-temporal discussions...

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Footnotes Schedule

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Insights from the Footnotes Summer School


Are you ready to travel to the year 2045?… Here we go!

Tune in to the Future(s) - a guided journey through time with 0ct0p0s

Targeting Seven Future(s) Realms

Explore future scenarios, lecutres and much more around the following future-relevant topics that we tackled during the Footnotes Summer School:

🎧 Turn your headphones on 🎧 and explore a multitude of perspectives from different time-space zones on the presents, pasts, and futures of arts education.

The Footnotes PODPAST travels to listeners directly from the year 2045, to take an in-depth look into arts education systems, structures, functions, forms and futures.

Hosted by Gigi, an ever-curious archivist with a lifelong interest in arts education, in conversation with a broad range of guests from across disciplines, backgrounds and time spaces, the podcast explores the pasts, presents and futures of arts education. All to discuss alternative modes, structures and methods for learning, teaching and instituting, that recall and re-centre historically marginalised ways of working.

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Episode 1 - What is the PODPAST?

This first episode sets the scene for the PODPAST which is grounded in the (fictional) temporal zone of the year 2045. Our moderator Gigi will explain to you how and why the PODPAST spans over different, overlapping time spaces and why it is a total thrill to explore diverse aspects of arts education beyond the borders of time and space.

Episode 2 - Tuning into Time Travel: A Journey with 0ct0p0s

This second PODPAST episode is an immersive introduction to time travel. The temporal time keepers Olga and Ora from the 0ct0p0s collective present us with a meditative journey through time and into the future. Sit back, relax and open your mind to possible future realities.

Episode 3 - Disrupting Systems of Learning, Breaking Down Barriers in Education and Lifelong Learning - A Conversation with Kobe Ardui

This time, Gigi meets Kobe Ardui, head of lifelong learning at LUCA School of Arts Belgium, in the year 2022. Kobe discusses disrupting systems of learning in higher arts institutions, especially in relation to hierarchies of knowledge, disciplines and subjects, as well as the role of lifelong learning, peer learning and breaking down barriers within education.

Episode 4 - Multispecies Art and Multispecies Learning in 2045 with Bifolia

In this episode, we will dive into the topic of multispecies learning, and multispecies art together with Gigi’s special guest Bifolia, in the temporal zone of 2045. Bifolia is an artist and researcher at the famous International Institute of Interspecies Art. Interspecies art, an art form in which different species, for example humans and insects, co-create art together is deeply entangled with the idea of multispecies learning based on the ethos that all species are equal and equally complex and that the only way of sharing life on this planet is to learn from and with each other. Bifolia gives us insights into her work and discusses the possibilities and challenges of who has a right to be an art student today in 2045.

Episode 5 - Artistic Freedom, Art Activism and Possible Futures for the Arts in Societies: A Conversation with Kai Lehikoinen, Uni Arts Helsinki

In this episode, the PodPast team successfully establishes a connection to the year 2022 to speak with Kai Lehikoinen, a university researcher specializing in socially engaged arts practices at Uniarts Helsinki, Finland. During the conversation, Kai will provide significant insights into the complex and multi-faceted relationships between arts and society, including the relation between artistic freedom and artistic activism, and new fields the arts might enter in the future.

Episode 6 - Digtial Art, Accessibility and Collaboration in 2045: A Conversation with Lena Gieseke, Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF

In this episode, Gigi meets Lena Gieseke from Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF in Germany in the temporal zone of 2045. Lena gives us insights into her ongoing project “Art Collab”, where she works on setting up the virtual art world in a manner that is accessible for everyone, everywhere via an augmented reality art layer. Dive into Lena’s future reality and learn about possible futures approaches to accessibility and collaboration in the arts and arts education, as well as the role of virtual art in the futures.


For more watch the movie ArtCollab Germany 2025

Episode 7 - Climate Futures, Cross-Institutional Learning and Holistic Solutions in 2022 and beyond: A Conversation with Maria Hansen, ELIA

In this PODPAST episode, Gigi successful establishes a connection to the year 2022 to talk with Maria Hansen, the executive director of ELIA, a globally connected European network focused on higher arts education. The conversation addresses the urgent climate crisis on Earth in 2022 and the roles of art universities and artists in addressing this critical issue. Furthermore, Maria gives insights into the emerging trends of transdisciplinarity and cross-institutional and cross-disciplinary learning in the twenties, which offer new approaches to collaboration and problem-solving. Stay tuned to learn more about how art and education are shaping the futures in the midst of global challenges.

Episode 8 - Symbiosis, Sustainability and Common Grounds in 2045: A Conversation with Karel

In this PODPAST episode, Gigi is in conversation with Karel, an artist and active member of the Footnotes Symbiosis working group in the temporal zone of 2045. In this conversation, Karel introduces the vision and work of the working group and discusses different aspects surrounding sustainability, here meaning, social, ecological and technological sustainability. Furthermore, Karel gives insights into future collaborations of institutes of higher arts education and how to build common grounds to enable these collaborations with other species.

Episode 9 - Informal Knowledge and Universal Basic Income in 2045 - A Conversation with Cif Cif and Rigoberta

In this episode, Giggi meets Cif Cif and Rigoberta in the temporal zone of 2045. Cif Cif is the last dean of LUCA School of Arts in Belgium and Rigoberta is a retired educator and curator educator in contemporary arts. Both guests are part of the Footnotes Summer School and are intrigued by the topic of Plasticity. Our discussion will focus on the role of informal knowledge in arts education in 2045, the current roles of artists in society, and how the trend of universal basic income is impacting developments in arts education and the arts as a whole.

Episode 10 - Climate Justice in Higher Arts Education - A Conversation with KLASSE KLIMA

In this episode, Gigi is joined by not one, but two guests, Johann and Lena, two members of Klasse Klima, a student-led educational collective established in the year 2019 at Berlin University of the Arts. Klasse Klima was created to find creative educational methods to address the urgency of the climate crisis. Klasse Kima engages in events and debates on the intersection of art, design and ecology, it therefore seems extremely fitting that their conversation with Gigi focuses on a 2022 time-space perspective of climate justice movements, including C02 accounting and the digital divide, as well as a broader discussion on peer and lifelong learning environments, including where climate change fits into educational structures.

Episode 11 - The Societal Role of Art Schools, Entrance Exams and Cultural Ownership in 2045: A Conversation with Carl Iseg

In this podcast episode, we’re joined by Carl Iseg, music teacher, researcher, and leader of Music Higher Educational Institute in the temporal zone of 2045. We’ll be discussing the function and bureaucracy of art schools, ranging from the meaning of art schools in society, to the role entrance exams play in these very institutions, to the true meaning of Cultural Ownership in 2045. Tune in for a fascinating glimpse into the future of arts and education!

Episode 12 - Collegiality, Knowledge Exchange and Essential Ingredients for New Forms of Governance within Higher Education - A Conversation with Tishka and Camille

In this episode, Gigi is joined by educators, cultural workers and musicians Tishka and Camille, in the temporal zone of 2045. Together they discuss collegiality, cross-institutional learning, common knowledge exchange and transdisciplinarity… as well as the essential ingredients for new forms of governance within education from a 2045 perspective.


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