DIS/CONTINUITIES – Digital Cultures of Education

Summer School

DIS/CONTINUITIES - Digital Cultures of Education

DIS/CONTINUITIES articulates questions around the political and economic constraints on the implementation and access to digital learning environments.

  • What scenarios are there for digital technology to assist remote learning?
  • What are the constraints?
  • What does the perspective of digital materialism tell us about future scenarios?
  • How do questions of trust and accessibility change the equation?

Pre Recorded Lecture

Dis/Contunitues came together in the year 2035, uncoincidentally the same year that Universal Basic Income (UBI) was implemented, initially without any further conditions or rules for the people. 

Dis/Contunities are interested in raising questions around the political and economic constraints in the implementation and access to digital learning environment. From an economic standpoint, one of Dis/Continuities key aims was documenting how UBI contributed to artists, makers and creators becoming more “free” in what they do. Results included observing how overall productivity increased as some of the financial pressure lifted from artists, makers and creators. In turn, creating new focus points for imagination creation, life-long learning, and preparing students and teachers to identify and respond to problems and issues in their communities. Today, in 2045, Dis/Continuies continue to champion these developments as part of a lobbying/pressure group, to ensure accountability continues to be placed on art schools and artistic infrastructure. 

From a digital and technological viewpoint, Dis/Continuities continue to investigate how physical space is becoming increasingly digitised in 2045, with leading questions – many of which were brought to the 2045 Footnotes Conference – including: how do return from the digital space to the physical space? How do we combine the individual and the collective in the digital space? How do we connect communities and how do we have a common basis for communication? How can we accommodate diverse needs and diverse learners?

Dis/Continuities often take an unconventional approach with their pressure tactics, co-opting methods and modes of popular culture. Famous examples include pop songwriting and karaoke to disseminate their messages and demands. One of their most well-known examples is that of “LALLA”. [MEDIA – Link to LALLA Sound Recording]

Some of the key focuses of Dis/Continuities include: Organic Present, Critical Dataset, Non-monolithic learning, Non-institutional knowledge, Super-ordinate growth, Access For All, Branching Evolution, Accessibility principles, Dog Robots, Diverging Data and Recreating education for the Individual, just to name a few. 

Dis/Continuities request to share one, final message with all those reading this page for the first time:

“Join our Beta team – Explore new digital landscapes – On neural paths never throttled – Kill all bugs- And create new ones………..”