RE/PROGRAMMING – Institutional Structures and Strategies

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RE/PROGRAMMING - Institutional Structures and Strategies

RE/PROGRAMMING articulates questions and concerns around the pressure on and the needs of Institutions of Higher Arts Education, which emerge in dialogue with the changing landscape of education, policies and economic developments.


RE/PROGRAMMING with Marta Malo de Molina

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REPROGRAMMING with Lina Dokuzović

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At the Footnotes Summer School, a group of creative thinkers gathered to work, think and play around “Institutional Structures and Strategies.” For this, they travelled to the year 2045 together.

Get to know their world and work…

RE/PROGRAMMING was formed in 2022 due to dissatisfaction with the role of Arts institutions in society which focus more on fulfilling economic needs. Their goal is to foster diversity and make institutions re-programmable. They aim to develop arts schools that serve students in reprogramming the institution itself, rather than schools that attempt to reprogram students. Emphasising the importance of education as a human right and rejecting the prioritisation of economic measurements over human well-being. The RE/PROGRAMMING group continues to highlight the need for arts institutions to facilitate the renewal of society.

The group operates within the Special Education Zone, encouraging diversity, embracing conflict, providing space for failure, and promoting shared knowledge and experiences. These zones are not geographically fixed and can be reprogrammed at any time.

In their absence, a letter was sent by Howoyolitobena, a longstanding member of RE/PROGRAMMING, emphasising the importance of unlearning, radical reprogramming, and creating a free-spirited and engaged learning environment. It discusses the impact of exclusionary visa policies on education and advocates for a practice of migration in thought and practices.

Read the full letter by Howoyolitobena...


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