Artefact 2

Hopeful future

Finding place: Helsinki, Finland (2045) Text and paper

Principles and values are cohesive, mentally and physically healthy and respected research community (respected by society and within the university).

Favorable in organisational work culture are:

  • Education (bildung/sivisty) & hope 
  • Glocalization (global & local)
  • Multidisciplinary networks and co-operation
    • in order to enable the previous
  • Transformation of values
  • directed at the hopeful future we aim at

“We need hope more than anything else”

Items contributing to this hopeful future with a cohesive, healthy and respected research community are:

  • Life-sized & sustainable researchership:
    • research serves life-sized questions
    • resilient individuals and communities are supported, wellbeing central


  • Development and recognition of expertise and clear roles
    • research community consists of researcher and administration
    • clear roles and change between them is fostered
    • change of roles in order to develop your overall expertise
    • recognition of the wide expertise of individuals and thereby possibility to change roles

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