Artefact 22

Borderless Score Prototype

Finding place: Donetsk, Ukraine (2035) Paper and ink

The borderless score was invented after the Russia-Ukraine war that lasted from 2022 to 2035. The war being traumatic for everyone, engineers from both countries created the borderless score in an effort to erase all geographical, cultural and artistic borders by incorporating all languages and artforms in the score. The score is projected with holograms, indicating how the music should be played, and any other useful information ranging from performance to clothing. It equally works with a wide variety of artistic practices like dancing, improvisation, soundpainting, recitation…. Furthermore, it interacts with each situation; adapting to the room, the instruments, the number of performers, and their biological data.

The borderless score has since had such success that all former musical scores have been transcribed, from Bach cantatas to most recent creations. Thanks to its optimal usage, its use has spread to all continents.

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