Artefact 23

Music as a public good

Finding place: Lyon, France (2045) Colored paper document

This is an archive from 2035, after the big environmental crisis of the past decade, energy and materials became very scarce. The world as it was known in the beginning of the century has broken down. 


Therefore the production of instruments and electronic has become available only for higher class people. 


Music school became unaffordable and lot of small one closed. 


Many cities all around the world started to think that music should be considered as a public good. They included in there mission initiative to make it available for everyone.

Lyon launched the previous year its sharing system. The city invested in a set of instruments, of all kinds (acoustic and electronic) in order to make them available to anybody wanting it. People organize themself to share the instruments across the week with the idea of exchange.


The system worked so well that it was quickly extended to music lessons and sheet music in order to compensate the music school problem. 


People started to discover again the idea of non lucrative trades and were happy to bring competences to each other to make the system work. 

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