Artefact 11

Speed of Pace

Finding place: Tallinn, Estonia (2045) Collage, mixed media (paper, thread, yarn, plasticine etc)

The artefact looks into the pace of time and the role of time in art education through a mind map. The artefact is visually divided into two areas where the first one (left) looks into time as something active and shared in a group. In practice it means the time lecturers give to students through discussions, mentoring etc. It is time that can be seen as something very functional and due to that – goes by fast. 

The second area (right) looks at time through a much slower paste and can be seen as time spent on looking, thinking, creating new behaviours and structures. A time that is very necessary but can often be seen as time “wasted” due to it’s slow pace. Nevertheless, it is crucial for changes and new ideas to take place. Eventhough this process can and should also be spent in groups where one can change ideas, the initial input should involve contemplation (which is also represented on the artefact).

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