Artefact 4

Soul Sauna

Finding place: Tallinn, Estonia (2045) Paper, collaged items, fake ephemera

The Soul Sauna is a large, communal microdistrict built within landscapes that allow for ludic, regenerative, discursive, passional behaviours to emerge and be nurtured. Each and every citizen is given two full months annually to retreat twice to the Soul Sauna for rejuvenation and interchange with people from completely outside their work and familial networks. Admission to Soul Saunas are a warmly mandated reality in this society. Cultural workers and art students in 2030 first noticed that people from across the city kept appearing in their saunas, showing up at their parties, desiring to learn their crafts, and hoping to ‘become artists’ themselves.’ The cultural workers and art students welcomed their fellow citizens! Soon, government employees arrived and asked for advice while in the sauna.

Politicians, municipal officials, and members of the private sector spent so much time in the saunas that the artists built more and more spaces, and expanded across more and more landscapes in order to accommodate everyone. By 2045 the Soul Sauna is an everyday occurrence in the lives of everyone, from the very young to the very old. Intergenerational and communal exchange drives this society, rather than formal educational institutions. Individuals shape and are shaped by their time spent in the company of others at Soul Sauna. Divisions and hierarchies are beginning to fade among institutions, organizations, and individuals in 2045 as the Soul Saunas build new models of wisdom exchange and ludic joy.

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