Artefact 9

Crisis Management Plan

Finding place: Tallinn, Estonia (2045) Paper, glue, marker

In the year 2045, every university has been asked to produce a crisis management plan to tackle the current crisis. Here you can see the printed manuals that were distributed to every teacher to hang up in their classrooms. The main goal is to NEVER dismiss a scheduled class. 

In case of an extreme heat wave, be ready to take off your clothes to feel more comfortable in +42°C. In case of shyness, please ask for paint from the janitors so you could “cover” yourself. Every classroom can be turned into a beach in 5 minutes.

In case of extreme cold weather, ask from the janitors for special jackets that will keep you warm in -20°C. The classroom can be turned into a ski resort in 5 minutes. 

In case the school is located in a war zone and has been bombed, be ready to defend yourself. Ask from the janitors necessary weapons. Every classroom can turn into a battlefield in a couple of seconds.

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