Artefact 17

Substance Painter/Sculptor

Finding place: Dublin, Ireland (2045) A 3D organic object in blender software, which we can paint, sculpt and make changes to

Considering this 3D object as an art which represents the complexity of life and the day to day changes we are experiencing in it. So actually what this 3D object does is: it changes its shape, color, form and appearance of it.

It is just a comparison of creating an organic artwork, which involves human emotions; done by just AI completely and the need for human intelligence to do justice to that particular artwork.

Considering the materials used in this objects (rubber band, color paper, thread, scribbled things) over that as things and emotions happening in our day to day life, and how it gets impacted in that object.

Even when every aspects and descriptions have been feeded to the AI program, the output of artwork, its ability to replicate our life, the constant measuring of our life possibilities make that artwork more mechanical, the organic life of that art work will be missed, and a need for biologically, emotionally accessible human intelligence demand arises.

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