Artefact 36

C3.2, Fluid Curricula, generation 3 // C4?

Finding place: Ghent, FA, Flanders Area, Europa (2045) Cardboard (reused), wood (coming from a ecological protected forest), cotton (reused from an old pull)

This way of thinking, building and explaining the curricula become popular in the late 2020s.

This one come from the 2030, found in the cave of the building where, once, was the LUCA School of Arts.

We know by reports and media that a lot were experimented, with different material who represent the student(s) such as bullets (this one), but also sands, water, etc. Different materials were used also to represent the border or the obstacles.

The border and obstacles represent the actual social questions that all stakeholders of the institutions find crucial to be asked and reflected on.

The C3.2 probably means this is a third generation, but we don’t already have enough traces to be sure.


The C4? model is yet  interpreted to be the next generation. Archeologists are still working on it.

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