Artefact 41

Egg(ed) from future

Finding place: Potsdam (2045) Recycled material

 – planetary-centered transdisciplinary learning environments –

This artefact shows the yellow of the egg from the futures. Depicting multiple admirable perspectives on artistic learning and collaboration, the egg modified old predictions for 2045 into real facts. As for example Gaia said that humankind robs nature of its ability to protect us back then, the egg turned out to give humankind the role of supporting, which even enlarges the ability of the nature to protect us. This protection aspect is also shown with the function of the egg to be a hat.

The inner part of the egg is the person, who wears the hat – and is thus not restricted to anyone but open to everyone (as the hat always fits). The hat is also a metaphor for responsibility and can be interchanged flexibly among all (students, professors, marginalized people, …)

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