Artefact 42

What are the resources?

Finding place: Potsdam, Germany (2045) Recycled materials: paper, glue, scissors

Organically growing rules, space for experimentation and freedom to be wasteful within ethical consent. Open spaces, classes for all generations, for intersectional experts outside of the academic constraints, society is the artwork, everyone is an artist once art is a central tool and organic part of civil society. Art as a mind-set should be accessible to everyone. Creating spaces to talk about political tendencies, making mind-sets and opinions visible and taking accountability for the images artists create.

Less obstacles for student groups to organize and to teach, share knowledge – and everyone can be a student. Non-hierarchical structures based on ethical decisions. Ethical commity? how to secure quality of teaching? Quality is also now not guaranteed. It doesn’t work now. Anarchy? Without politicx, without rules? Feel about smth and than do it. Organically growing rules. First trying. More experimentation. Learning by doing. Expertise from outside, to secure the quality of teaching. ressources. what are ressources. there is no waste in nature. pointing with the finger within the arts. we need more freedom to also be wasteful. Determine values, what is functional, what not. art should be more participatory. art must be better communicated. shouldnt be solution driven. art can be anything. society- if everyone is an artist – society is the artwork. art as a lifestyle. mind-set. 7000 trees of beuys. open classes of beuys. life circle, open to different generations. intention, conscious, reflective mind-set. space to talk about tendencies, making opinions visible (also problematic ones).

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