Artefact 43


Finding place: Everywhere on earth (2045) Collage out of printed paper, tape, illustration on transparent paper, post-its, marker illustration, clay

In the future of creative education structures, people can structure their studies according to their interests. Learning from other peoples experiences and perspectives (first hand) who are not the typical teachers of today. Curiosity is powered from a very young age as well as other soft skills, for example: listening, honesty, tolerance, forgiveness, acceptance, empathy and a profound care for the planet and how their actions can impact it. Students (listeners, curious people, questioners) acknowledge the intellectual property of others. The ones that become politicians or decisionmakers must always be learning and recognizing they are not always right: live-long learning is one essential part of the society.

Different knowledges are always situated in a certain context and can therefore exist equally to each other at the same time, because there’s a culture of exchange. Also the relationship to other species is fundamentally re-transformed in a more equal way. Knowledges and experiences about strategies to provide ressources for basic human needs such as food, are transformed in a profound caring for the planet.

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